Bling Things

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I have come up with a way for you to add some bling to your helmet without getting in trouble!  Completely removable, makes it easy to transition from home to show, Jumpers to Hunters. You can add several to your collection and color coordinate all your outfits and jumper pads. All strips are made with 100% Genuine Swarovski Crystals.

Whitney has designed most of these with me, some are her creations completely.

All of these are hand-made and done freehand. No two will ever be alike. If you want one custom designed, or you want one just like it is, feel free to call me or email me & I will make you one! Prices vary depending on how many crystals are used and the intricacy of the design. Or I can tell you how to do it & you can do it,,,,,it's EZ!

American Flag

Speaks for itself.

Black Rainbow

Very Elegant & coordinates with many things


This one was hard to photograph, but it's really cool. There's a dolphin, 2 birds, 2 feet and a sunset behind it all that blends into the ocean.


This was our first strip and is COVERED in Swarovski! Designed by Whitney


Just Jump!

Whitney's Hearts

Designed by Whitney. Background and hearts can be any color.

This is what your helmet looks like without a strip on. From just a few feet away, you can't even see it.

Whitney designed & made the "Hearts" strip while at Zone Finals.


Looks GREAT with blue ratcatcher & pad!

This one was to go with her zebra Halloween costume & has no crystals at all.

Fun Stirrups.



I also added crystals to Whitney's jumper pads and ratcatcher collars.  These are all placed by hand one at a time. The Superman collar is my favorite, but what a pain it was to make!

 These are the collars I have made so far for Whitney.